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Health Checkup Pre conditions


A clinical laboratory is responsible for conducting medical tests that provide valuable information for physicians decision-making process.Laboratory tests not only help diagnose diseases, but also aids monitoring and providing the right treatment for patients.

In order to guarantee the quality of laboratory test results, the patient should cooperate by preparing themselves for the sample recollection, as well as its transportation.

For Fasting

Fasting is required from the night before the appointment, i.e. do not eat or drink any flavoured drinks from 10.00pm on wards (only plain water is allowed). This will ensure better accuracy of your blood tests results.If you are unwell, please reschedule your appointment as illness and medications (e.g. antibiotics) may affect your screening results.Light refreshments will be provided at the Health care lounge once your blood has been drawn by our nurse and/or after completing your ultrasound abdomen examination.Bring a record of your past medical report (up to 3 years prior), existing medications or any vitamin supplements etc, if any. X-ray films are not necessary.Please continue to take your medications before coming for your health screening appointment. If you are a diabetic patient, please do not take your diabetic medications on the morning of your health screening appointment.

For stool analysis

Avoid red meat and iron supplements 3 days before the appointment.- Collect about 2 teaspoons of stool and place in a small, clean plastic container and label it with your name. You may collect your stools on the night before (after 5.00pm), or on the morning of your health screening appointment.

For urine analysis

Your collection of urine should be done 5 days after the last day of your period or 2 weeks before the first day of your period so as not to affect test results. Kindly schedule your health check up appointments accordingly.

For Tread mill test

Please bring along your running shoes and sports gear. Men with lot of hair on the chest may need to trim or shave some areas on the chest so that the tread mill electrodes can stick to the skin.

For ultrasound abdomen

Do not take any heavy and oily food food at least six hours before the examination.Drink plenty of water so as to keep your bladder full. If you are a smoker, please refrain from smoking on the day of your appointment until after your ultrasound has been completed.

For PAP smear

Avoid sexual intercourse 48 hours before the test. Do not use spermicides, vaginal creams, lubricant jellies, vaginal medications or tampons 48 hours before the test. Your pap smear should be 5 days after the last day of your period or 2 weeks before the first day of your period so as not to affect test results.Please note for master health check the entire process may take about 6 hours. We have a very comfortable waiting lounge for your comfort. Online Drugstore, Free shipping, Discount 10%.